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Every great institution is built on a solid foundation. Without that foundation, buildings shift underfoot, and cracks start to appear in the plaster. It is also important to maintain that infrastructure over time. This maintenance is exactly what the City of Beaverton is doing through Project Rising Tide.

To assist with supporting and maintaining the City’s foundation we are working on several projects to set the groundwork for the future. Currently, we are working on the Master Plan, community branding, improving community outreach, reviewing the zoning ordinance, as well as conducting a housing study. These projects are important as they will set the foundation for community and economic growth.

Working on these projects will allow the City to set the stage to tackle larger community concerns and issues. By creating that foundation we will be able to show a clear and transparent vision for the future. It will assist residents, developers, and community leaders by showing the communities priorities. This work can also open the community to possible outside funding to assist in community projects and addressing public concerns.

Project Rising Tide is truly a grassroots program and is not a “cookie-cutter” project. Its focus is to assist the community by increasing capacity, implementing best practices, and creating a more barrier-free environment for the public. It will also assist the surrounding communities by creating a unified direction and identity. Both cities are looking forward to accomplishing these tasks to create an excellent community to visit, work, and live in.

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Beaverton is a vibrant community with a friendly small-town atmosphere; offering year-round events. Beaverton remains a walkable city with a strong sense of community that is seldom found in this busy world. Come share the beauty, charm and history of Beaverton.

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