Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Development Authority

“Our goal is to improve the community in any way possible, but all leading back to an improved climate for businesses including health and manufacturing and the attraction of customers, including new residents.” said current DDA Chair, Scott Govitz.

Board Members

Scott Govitz, Chair
Ray Nau, Mayor
Kevin Neville, Mayor Pro tem
Kimberly Hines, City Manager (non-voting)
Jason Blades, Business
Steve Broka, Business
Kurt Grove, Business
Renee Lang, Business
David Shears, Business
Cindy Trumble, Business

The Beaverton DDA, a separate and appointed board within the City, is comprised of two City Council members, a number of businesses owners, educators and others interested in improving the community and business climate.

How The DDA Works (click to expand)

The DDA works through the creation of a special taxing district that is established when a plan is drawn up. The district is primarily the entire business frontage along M-18, Brown Street, and Industrial Park that allows for projects and spending receipts to then improve those areas with community input.

Downtown Development TIF Plan
21-22 Fiscal Year Budget DDA
Click here for all DDA files
DDA Parcels

DDA Updates (click to expand)

Of late, the DDA has been in the process of gaining public input into its next iteration of planning that will lead to a lot more improvements for years to come. Special meetings seeking input, online surveys and more public hearings will be held to hear from the community about the plans being drawn.

Over the past decade plus, since the existing DDA was put into motion, the DDA has been responsible for or involved in a number of projects including:

  • Installation of existing streetscape along M-18 and Brown Street corridor
  • Parking improvements
  • Tree planting
  • Park improvements
  • Assistance in program offerings including music events
  • Farmers market
  • Sound and electrical system improvements in Ross Lake Park
  • Several business façade improvement grants
  • Entry signs to the community
  • Improvements to sidewalks
  • Seasonal Building Lights
  • Hanging flower baskets
  • MSHDA – NEP match grants

Bike Path | Connecting Beaverton & Gladwin

The DDA is also currently working on a project that will tie the communities of Beaverton and Gladwin together with a bike path between the cities and will include improved parking near the hydroelectric facility, with new boat launch. According to Govitz, the great part about this project is the project cost was reduced significantly due to a number of grants received from private foundations, public bodies, business and the MDNR. However, without the ability to match some of these dollars with our own DDA funds, the projects simply would not be possible.

DDA Meeting Minutes

DDA Meeting Minutes

are held at the Beaverton Activity Center at 5:15 pm, on Second Tuesday each month. 

Follow Our DDA Projects

MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) & The NEP (Neighborhood Enhancement Program)

547 Lang Road

529 Lang Road

503 Lang Road

124 Tonkin Street

304 Brown Street

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